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Aug 28, 2017 | Fact Sheet

THE FACTS ABOUT THE ELIZABETH-MOTT STREET SITE: Creating desperately needed affordable housing for seniors, as well as a permanent, publicly accessible space for all

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Aug 28, 2017 | Fact Sheet

A NEW CHAPTER IN OUR FIGHT TO PROTECT TWO BRIDGES: How Council Member Chin & advocates are working together to fight against the mega towers

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Oct 18, 2017 | Event

Latinos for Margaret Chin Rally

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Sep 08, 2017 | Press Release


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Contact: Paul Leonard (917) 232-3620

New York’s Bravest cite Chin’s “experience and concern for public safety” in their support for re-election effort

LOWER MANHATTAN – Councilwoman Margaret Chin received the endorsement of four FDNY unions based on her strong record of supporting firefighters, uniformed EMTs and Fire Alarm Dispatchers in Manhattan and the across the City.

“I am proud to receive the endorsement from these brave and hardworking men and women who assist in all kinds of emergencies, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week,” Councilwoman Chin said. “We must continue to support our uniformed personnel, and ensure that our City remains affordable for all of the people who help their neighbors in times of need. I thank all of the members of the FDNY for their hard work, service and daily sacrifice.”

The four unions endorsing Councilwoman Chin are: Uniformed Firefighters Association, Inc. – FDNY; Uniformed EMS Officers Union, Local 3621 – FDNY; Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics & Fire Inspectors, Local 2507 – FDNY; and Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association – FDNY.

“Your experience and concern for public safety, public safety professionals, working families, our education system and the economy of our City will certainly be major assets to the people of Manhattan and the City of New York,” said Robert Ungar, Legislative Counsel. “Now more than ever, it is important that we elect individuals who will protect the economy and growth of the City of New York as well as remember the hard working people who live here.”

With four days left until the Democratic Primary on Sept. 12, Councilwoman Chin has secured the endorsement of 22 labor unions, including most recently, the Local 94, 94-A, 94-B, International Union of Operating Engineers. The Central Labor Council, DC 37, 1199SEIU, Hotel Trades Council (HTC), SEIU 32BJ and UFT have also endorsed her campaign.


Sep 02, 2017 | Letter

A Message from Councilwoman Rosie Mendez: Re-Elect Margaret Chin, Democrat for NY City Council

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Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I am writing to ask you to re-elect Margaret Chin to the City Council. I currently represent Council District 2 and I met Margaret approximately 15 years ago. Margaret and I used to volunteer to translate at a 200+ unit Section 8 building that had many tenants who did not speak English. It was there that I first had the opportunity to work with and get to know Margaret.

In 2009, Margaret got elected to the City Council and I have worked closely with her on many issues ever since. Margaret came to my side of Houston Street to support me and our residents in stopping an expansion of a charter school. Years later, I joined Margaret on her side of Houston Street to stop the expansion of another Charter School in one of her buildings. Together, we stopped the closing of many day care centers and senior centers. Together, we worked with to spread the word that public housing residents needed to evacuate during Hurricane Irene and Sandy. Together, we worked with neighborhood leaders and non-for-profit organizations like GOLES (Good Old Lower East Side), University and Henry Street Settlement that delivered food, water, blankets, and batteries to residents who could not, or did not, evacuate their homes.

Serving together on the Committee on Public Housing, Margaret and I fought Mayor’s Bloomberg’s Infill plan that would replace the parking lots and recreational spaces in public housing with towers in the sky that many in our community would not be able to afford. I know that Margaret has fought the creation of tall towers in her district, but I also know that some of these out-of-scale buildings, such as the huge Extell tower at 250 South St., are being built “as-of-right” – meaning that they don’t need approval from the Community Board or the City Council. Though the Mayor and his administration have not allowed for changes to the Zoning laws that would limit the size of buildings, Margaret is fighting back to stop three new proposed developments at the waterfront.

As chair of the Committee on Aging, I’ve seen Margaret fight to increase the amount the City pays to help senior citizens living in private buildings pay their rent. I’ve seen Margaret fight for funding to expand services in senior centers, adult day care centers and meals on wheels. Margaret has been a strong advocate for District 1. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many Councilmembers and I can say without a doubt that Margaret works harder than many of our colleagues.

Thank you and please vote to re-elect Margaret Chin to the New York City Council in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 12th



Rosie Mendez
Councilwoman – Council District 2




Estimados Amigos y Vecinos,

Les ecribo para solicitar que re-elijan a Margaret Chin al Concilio de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Actualmente represento el Distrito 2 del Concilio de la Ciudad pero conozco a Margaret Chin por aproximadamente 15 años. Nos conocimos cuando hicimos trabajo voluntario como traductoras en un edificio de Sección 8 de 200 apartamentos donde la mayoría de los inquilinos no hablaban Inglés.

Margaret y yo fuímos electas al Concilio en el año 2009 y desde entonces hemos trabajado de cerca en muchos projectos. Margaret cruzó las líneas de su distrito para apoyarme y apoyar a nuestros residentes para detener la expansión de una escuela charter. Años más tarde yo crucé las líneas de mi distrito para detener la expansión de una escuela charter en el distrito de Margaret. Juntas hemos detenido el cierre de un sinnúmero de centros de cuido infantil y de centros de envejecientes. Trabajamos Juntas durante los Huracanes Irene y Sandy para desalojar a los residentes de vivienda pública. Juntas trabajamos con líderes y organizaciones comunitarias, tales como GOLES (Good Old Lower East Side) y University and Henry Street Settlement quienes entregaron comida, agua, colchas y baterías a aquellos que no desalojaron sus hogares.

Durante nuestro servicio en el Comité de Vivienda Pública, Margaret y yo opusimos el plan de Bloomberg para construír rascacielos, con renta que la mayoría de los residentes no podrían pagar, en los estacionamientos y espacios recreativos de los desarrollos de vivienda pública. Sé que Margaret se ha opuesto a la construcción de torres residenciales en su distrito, y también sé que muchas de las torres cuyo tamaño están fuera de contexto de los otros edificios, tal como la torre de Extell en el 250 de South Street, están siendo construídas con todo el derecho de la ley. Por ende, los desarrolladores pueden construír sin requerir autorización de el Concilio de la Ciudad o de la Junta Comunal. Aún cuando el alcalde y su administración no ha permitido cambio a las leyes de zonificación que en efecto pondría límites a los tamaños de los edificios, Margaret está peleando para detener la construcción de otros tres edificios que quieren eregir frente al río.

Durante el tiempo en que Margaret a presidido el Comité de Ancianos, he sido testigo de su batalla para aumentar los subsidios de renta para ancianos que residen en edificios privados. También he sido testigo de su lucha ferviente al exigir fondos para la expasión de servicios en los centros de envejecientes, centros de cuidos para adultos y comidas a domicilios para los ancianos. Margaret ha sido una defensora del Distrito 1. Durante mis años como concejal he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con muchos concejales y puedo decir sin duda que Margaret trabaja mucho más fuerte que muchos de mis colégas.

Gracias por su atención y porfavor vote para re-elejir a Margaret Chin al Concilio de la Ciudad de Nueva York en la Primaria Demócratica el Martes, 12 de septiembre del 2017.



Rosie Mendez
Concejal – Distrito 2


Aug 18, 2017 | Press Release


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Contact: Paul Leonard (917) 232-3620,

In a rejection of Donald Trump’s message of hate and division, Councilwoman Chin calls for increased investment in our public housing

Tenant leaders for almost every large NYCHA development in Council District 1 endorse Councilwoman Chin’s candidacy

LOWER EAST SIDE – Today, Councilwoman Margaret Chin rallied NYCHA tenant leaders and residents in defiance of President Donald Trump and in support of increased investment in our public housing.

“We know that with Donald Trump and his allies at HUD in control of vital federal funds, our public housing is at risk. In this time of uncertainty, now more than ever, we need experienced leadership and a real record of results to mobilize in defense of our NYCHA tenants,” said Councilwoman Chin. “In the City Council, I have successfully fought for increased funding for badly needed investments and repairs, and pushed our federal and state partners to fund necessary work to make our public housing more resilient to flooding events like Superstorm Sandy. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that we are making the necessary investments to ensure that our public housing is here for current and future generations. I look forward to working with champions like Aixa Torres at Smith Houses to fight for tenants. Together we will win a brighter future for our neighborhood – even as the storm clouds continue to gather around Trump in Washington.”

Joining her in the call for increased investment were leaders from almost every large NYCHA development, who endorsed Councilwoman Chin as the best candidate to lead the fight to keep our communities affordable and livable for low-income families and seniors.

Smith Houses TA President Aixa Torres said: “I have served our public housing community for many years and Margaret Chin has been there alongside me. As president of Alfred E. Smith tenant association, I’ve seen how she helped procure funding after our disastrous Sandy flooding. She is fighting for us today to keep our Smith Houses safe and affordable. We need Margaret Chin.”

District Leader Alice Cancel said: “Margaret Chin is the only candidate that truly knows our community. We were together with her from 9/11 through Sandy, to the present. We have many battles ahead. We need Margaret Chin and her experience on the front lines with us.”

District Leader Pedro Cardi said: “Only Margaret Chin has the experience we need to defend our communities. I am happy to offer my support for her reelection campaign and look forward to continuing our work together on behalf of all tenants and residents”

Rutgers TA President Michael Steele said: “Without question, Councilwoman Chin is the most qualified candidate to represent me and my community in the City Council. When it came to fixing our broken and cracked sidewalks, Margaret pushed and pushed until the job got done. I admire her tenacity on that issue, as well as on many others.”

Two Bridges NYCHA TA President Kenneth McIntosh: “Margaret is a fighter for our community who has always been there for our residents whenever we need her. Whether it was securing funding for security cameras to keep us safe, or helping us when broken elevators stranded our seniors, we have always been able to count on Margaret for help. I am proud to support her reelection campaign.”

Seward Park Extension TA President Carmen Orta said: “Council Member Margaret Chin has done a good job representing our community. Whenever I needed help, she has always been there. She has never said no. She should continue her good work for the next 4 years.”

Vladeck Houses TA President Nancy Ortiz said: “Margaret is a rock who will never back down from a fight when it comes to the people and the issues that she cares about. She understands the problems that our residents face every day and the issues the community cares about, and she is tireless in her efforts to address them. As a longtime tenant leader with deep roots in the community, I know that Margaret is still the best person to represent all of the people of Lower Manhattan. Margaret is from the community, for the community, and has been our voice.”

At the event, Councilwoman Chin touted her strong record fighting on behalf of public housing residents, including securing $388,000 in additional funding to renovate and improve NYCHA’s outdoor community spaces.

Councilwoman Chin also funds Family Day events every year at Smith Houses and many other public housing developments in our community, and secured funds for security cameras to keep seniors safe at LaGuardia Addition and Two Bridges NYCHA.



Aug 10, 2017 | Press Release


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Contact: Paul Leonard (917) 232-3620,

Organization representing 300 unions the latest in an overwhelming amount of labor support for reelection campaign

NEW YORK – In the latest sign of the growing momentum behind her bid for another term in office, Councilwoman Margaret Chin today received the endorsement of the New York Central Labor Council (NYCCLC), a group representing over a million workers from almost every trade and occupation in the public and private sector.

Councilwoman Chin said: “From the start of my reelection campaign, my focus has been to continue the gains we have made on behalf of all workers so that every family can afford to live in the City they helped build. I am proud of my record of expanding paid sick leave to cover more workers, pushing for higher wages, and ensuring that our unions have the right to organize and fight for their members. We have come a long way, but with a Trump Administration that’s hostile to workers and a possible Constitutional Convention in Albany that could erode union protections, we need experience and a record of getting results more than ever.”


The New York City Central Labor Council (NYCCLC) is a non-profit labor membership organization devoted to supporting, advancing and advocating for the working people of New York City. The NYCCLC brings together 300 local unions representing 1.3 million workers, including teachers, truck drivers, operating engineers, nurses, construction workers, electricians, firefighters, retail workers, janitors, train operators, bakers, and many more.

With NYCCLC’s nod, Councilwoman Chin has secured the endorsement of almost every major labor organization in the City, including DC 37, 1199SEIU, Hotel Trades Council (HTC), SEIU 32BJ and UFT.

Today, she also gained the endorsement of StreetsPAC, a political action committee dedicated to electing public officials who are committed to improving the safety, mobility and livability of New York City’s streets.

“Margaret Chin has been one of the City Council’s staunchest advocates for pedestrians, and no one has been more outspoken about parking-placard abuse,” said StreetsPAC board member Janet Liff.


Aug 07, 2017 | Press Release


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Contact: Paul Leonard (917) 232-3620,

Our LGBTQ elected officials cite Margaret Chin’s tireless advocacy, experience and record as a champion for our communities


GREENWICH VILLAGE – Today, State Senator Brad Hoylman, Council Member Corey Johnson and former State Senator Tom Duane announced their endorsement of Margaret Chin’s re-election campaign.

State Senator Brad Hoylman said: “As a champion for New York’s most vulnerable individuals, and as a public servant with the experience, compassion and dedication we need fighting for us at City Hall, Councilmember Margaret Chin has certainly earned our community’s support. She has built a well-deserved reputation as a devoted advocate for Lower Manhattan, and I look forward to continuing to serve our community together as we fight to provide families with affordable housing, quality public schools and safe streets.”

Council Member Corey Johnson said: “Through her years of tireless advocacy, Margaret Chin has proven herself to be a dedicated Council Member and fierce fighter for Lower Manhattan. Whether it’s standing up for New York’s senior citizens, low and middle-income families, or small businesses, Margaret Chin has never backed down from a fight. She is a true voice for Lower Manhattan at City Hall, and I am proud to endorse her candidacy for re-election.”

Former State Senator Tom Duane said: “Margaret Chin is a champion for Greenwich Village.  Our neighborhood — the history, the special architecture and buildings, the Historic Districts and landmarked buildings and those that deserve historic designation — has a strong and effective advocate at City Hall because Margaret Chin is our Council Member.  Margaret is a fighter, not only for preserving our history, but also for each and everyone of us and our neighbors. Margaret is a smart, fierce and courageous Council Member who stands up and pushes back against powerful opponents who would harm our special neighborhood or negatively impact our quality of life. Margaret is also a highly respected and smart and tough negotiator on our behalf at City Hall and in our neighborhood. Margaret Chin has always been dedicated to public service, is a strong and respected leader, and fights every day for our neighborhood and our City. I am proud to support Margaret Chin so that she can continue to fight for us as our Council Member.”


Last month, Councilwoman Chin earned the endorsement of the Stonewall Democratic Club on the strength of her record of fighting for LGBTQ rights, funding community service groups like SAGE, and increasing housing options for a growing number of out LGBTQ seniors.

Earlier this year, she secured the support of another prominent citywide LGBTQ political organization, the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club.

Councilwoman Margaret Chin said: “I am honored to receive the endorsement of my colleagues in government who have been fighting alongside me to take care of our seniors, improve our quality of life and preserve our neighborhoods. I look forward to continuing our hard work to protect and expand on the gains the LGBTQ community has made and making our City a more affordable and livable place for all.”

With just over a month remaining in her primary campaign, Councilwoman Chin has earned an overwhelming number of union and other endorsements, including DC 37, 1199SEIU, Hotel Trades Council (HTC), SEIU 32BJ and UFT.


Jul 16, 2017 | Press Release


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Contact: Shiang Liu (917) 501-6781,

CHINATOWN – Councilwoman Margaret Chin received the enthusiastic support of her own family organization, the Gee How Oak Tin Association, at a rally in Chinatown on Sunday.

“It is wonderful to be surrounded by members of Gee How Oak Tin Association – an organization with a long and proud history of helping the Chinese community,” said Councilwoman Chin. “I am filled with gratitude for the encouragement and support that you have shown over the years. As I continue this important reelection effort, I vow to continue the fight to improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods and ensure that our communities remain affordable for our families and our seniors.”

The leaders of the Association, along with members from across Chinatown and the Lower East Side, expressed their pride at Councilwoman Chin’s accomplishments, and vowed to support her bid for another term in office.

In the years since winning election as the first Chinese American to represent Chinatown in the City Council, Councilwoman Chin has preserved hundreds of units of affordable housing – including a successful effort to extend affordability for much of Lands End I, and all of Lands End II in the Two Bridges neighborhood.

Councilwoman Chin also secured the creation of hundreds of affordable units at Essex Crossing. In the past few months, the first affordable housing lotteries have been opened for low-income individuals, families and seniors – with many more to come.

Members of the Gee How Oak Tin Association formed a crucial part of Councilwoman Chin’s historic campaign against the incumbent in 2009. Today, they promised once again to help guide Councilwoman Chin to victory in her effort to continue the fight for a more livable, equitable and affordable city.


Jul 12, 2017 | Press Release

Council Member Chin Gathers Over 6,000 Signatures and Raises Over $110,000 as Releection Effort Gains Momentum

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Contact: Shiang Liu (917) 501-6781,

Support from across Council District as she progresses in her bid for another term in office


LOWER MANHATTAN – Recent campaign filings demonstrated a groundswell of support for Councilwoman Margaret Chin as she begins a summer of conversations about her efforts to preserve and create affordable housing for communities that desperately need it.

“In neighborhoods across Lower Manhattan, residents are worried about getting pushed out of the homes they have made and the neighborhoods that they love. Even though we have made progress in our efforts to create and preserve hundreds of units of affordable housing, I am determined to fight on to ensure that these New Yorkers stay in the communities they helped build,” said Councilwoman Chin. “I thank the many people who have come out in support of my reelection, and I look forward to continuing the fight to create a City that is more affordable, fairer and equitable for all.”

Joining Councilwoman Chin on the campaign trail have been District Leaders Jenny Low and Justin Yu of the United Democratic Organization (UDO) – two of the many respected people in the Chinese Community to endorse her candidacy.

“Margaret is a fighter for our community, and I know she will continue the work that needs to be done to protect, defend and increase our affordable housing. Now, more than ever, we need someone with Margaret’s experience and passion for community service to represent our neighborhoods. That is why I am proud to join many others to support her reelection effort,” said District Leader Jenny Low.

“I have worked with Margaret for many years, and have seen her commitment to our community first-hand. She will never back down in the fight to increase affordability for residents, and to fight for the interests of small-business owners. Our community needs experienced leadership, which is why I support Margaret in this important campaign,” said District Leader Justin Yu.

The Lower East Side Democratic Club, the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, the Harry S. Truman Democratic Club and the Downtown Progressive Democrats also provided critical support by gathering hundreds of signatures from residents backing Councilwoman Chin’s campaign.

So far in her reelection campaign, she has raised a total of over $110,000 from across her Council District – maxing out in qualifying donations for NYC’s public matching funds program of 6-to-1 for small donors, for a total of $102,000 in additional funds.

At this early stage in the campaign, Councilwoman Chin continues to garner significant support from labor and other organizations, such as RWDSU, DC37, the Hotel Trades Council, SEIU 32BJ, SEIU1199, UFT, and the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators – with many more endorsements to come.